The Hot Springs Craft Beer Festival... the brain child of Rob Pratt who bears the titles, Baron of Beer, Guru of Gumbo, and Commandant of Crawfish
You're welcome to contact Rob, but I encourage you to avoid eye contact and any sudden movements.
He's got ninja skills and is somewhat unstable... seriously... and he knows where you live.
HOWEVER, a generous donation will be made to Habitat for Humanity, so maybe Rob isn't all that bad after all.

The 2016 Hot Springs Craft Beer Fest was an incredible success. Mark your calendars for May 20, 2017! 
The 2017 Hot Springs Craft Beer Fest is on its way!
It will happen from 4pm to 8pm at Hot Springs Farmers & Artisans Market Plaza
Until then, relax, pour a cold one, and have a look around this site.
There's a lot of info about all things beer.

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At the 2016 Hot Springs Craft Beer Festival...

we anticipated around 600 attendees, but we actually had about